Eight Great Reasons to Start Counseling Today

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Here are eight great reasons to call for a counseling appointment today:

1.  It feels good to have someone listen to what you are saying.  You are an important person! You deserve to sit down with someone who really pays attention to what you are saying. You may be wondering; why is everyone so busy? Why is everyone so distracted and on their mobile devices? Why can’t anyone hear what I am saying? Am I invisible? It may be time to hire a professional listener. Who wouldn’t want to talk to a supportive person who really hears what you are saying?  Who wouldn’t want to have a confidential talk with someone who can understand emotionally painful, and embarrassing stuff?  Sometimes you can’t freely talk to your friends, neighbors, family and spouse about topics that you need to talk about.

2.  Learn new ways to manage stress.  Stress creates wear and tear on your body over time.  The stress of daily life can be overwhelming. According to the National Institute of Mental Health,  40 million American Adults have been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder which is 18% of the population.  Anxiety is a very treatable condition with counseling. You can talk with a counselor about your stress and you will feel better.

3.  Recover from your childhood.  Do you dread visiting your parents? Do holidays fill you with anxiety? Do you feel sad on your birthday? Do you have a hard time talking to your parents on the phone? Why stay this upset the rest of your life about your childhood? Counseling can help you heal from the past and enjoy the present.

4.  Erase your Psychiatric Diagnosis.  According to the National Institute of Mental Health, an estimated 1 in 4 adults are diagnosed with a psychiatric illness. 45% of those with any mental illness meet criteria for more than one mental illness. Many emotional problems are correctable with psychotherapy.  Yes therapy really can fix chronic psychological problems permanently.

5.  Spend less money on prescriptions.  70% of the American population are taking prescriptions, with psychiatric prescriptions being the second most common of all medications. Psychotherapy can be added to any medication regime and often decreases the amount or need for psychiatric prescriptions.

6.  Live longer.  Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in America, according to Centers for Disease Control.  Suicide is the 3rd leading cause for teens. According to the US Department of Veterans Affairs,  in 2010, 22 veterans per day commit suicide with suicides in some states (including Texas) not being added to the final number. Homicide usually gets more press coverage but for every 2 homicides, 3 people have committed suicide. Suicides (and frequently homicides) are due to an untreated or under-treated emotional disorders.  Suicide is a preventable and many counselors are skilled in being able to prevent suicide and stabilize emotional disorders.

7.  Evolve faster than your same age peers.   You may look back on your life and say, ‘Wow! I wish I knew then what I know now!’ Often we have emotional blocks to learning new information and being able to adjust to new stages in life. Counseling can help you to be who you were meant to be at an earlier age. Counseling can help you reach your goals faster in life and make you appear much wiser than your same age peers.

8.  Impress everyone with your well-adjusted kids.  Everyone knows raising children is not easy. Ask any parent who is stuck in a store aisle or on a plane with a crying baby. Ask any parent with a teenager what their stress level is. You can provide a definite boost in your child’s emotional well-being by seeking counseling for yourself.  All parents need emotional support!  Children, teens and even adult children do better if Mom and Dad are less stressed.

Lynn Heselton, MSN, APRN is an Advanced Practice Psychiatric Nurse with 20 years of counseling experience and is currently in private practice in Keller, TX. She can be reached at 817-739-1950 or TherapywithLynn@Gmail.com