Meetings are held once a month, generally on the first Monday of the month, unless there is a holiday, then we meet the following Monday. We generally meet at the Bottle Cap Alley on Main Street in Keller, unless otherwise noted. Come join us!

March 5, 2018  11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

Presentation: Integrative Medicine for Mental Health

Karen Kinman, PhD, RN, LMFT is a registered nurse and licensed marriage and family therapist and is the current Vice President of the Dallas MFT chapter. Her medical training was at UT Southwestern Medical Center and included work in psychiatry, oncology, severe illness, and NICU. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing from Adelphi University, a Master’s degree in Medical Biology/Nutritional Science from C.W. Post, and a Ph.D. in Family Therapy from Texas Woman’s University. Karen has advanced training in Hypnosis and has been a Therapeutic Touch practitioner for over 35 years.  To learn more about this amazing lady go to


February 5, 2018  11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

Presentation: The Epidemic of Opioid Dependence

Dr. Wasiq Zaidi will present on the growing problem of opioid dependence.  Dr. Zaidi is a Board Certified Psychiatrist and Board Certified Addictionologist.  Dr. Zaidi, completed his medical residency training in New Jersey and Psychiatry residency in Boston, with Tufts, University Medical School Program. He served as clinical Assistant professor in Department of Psychiatry at the OU Medical School in Oklahoma City for 3 years.  Dr. Zaidi has been in private practice, along with his wife, for 10 years in Arlington and has recently opened offices in Keller.  Dr. Zaidi and his wife treat a wide range of Psychiatric Disorders and addiction disorders.


January 8, 2018 11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

Presentation: Improving Our Patient’s Journey through Collaboration

Tate Rubley, PA-C from Buffington Family Medicine will speak on the benefits of collaboration among professionals, and how we can improve our treatment plans by working together. Tate is a Certified Physician Assistant (PA-C) who specializes in psychiatry and behavioral health. Tate has worked in emergency, inpatient, and outpatient psychiatry. He has extensive knowledge in the areas of depression, anxiety, bipolar, schizophrenia, personality disorders, ADHD, and substance use disorders. For more information on Tate and his practice, go to


December 4, 2017  11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

Jingle and Mingle with the KCA

Come celebrate the holidays by sharing a quick meal and lots of conversation with your colleagues. This is a great time to connect with those who really understand what you do, AND talk about possibilities and opportunities for the New Year. The joy of the season is sharing and caring, so let’s spread that! Bring a book or resource for gift exchange, a used one is fine. Don’t spend a lot, just bring something that could be helpful to someone else.


November 6, 2017  11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

Presentation: Addiction – A Family Disease

Kyle Pillans, BA, works at Betty Ford Center in Irving, Texas as a Children’s Counselor.  She has been with the Children’s Program since October 2006. She is trained to work with individuals who experience physical, mental and emotional disabilities so they can function productively in their daily lives.  Kyle trains professionals, educates the community and works directly with children and families regarding addiction issues, as well as works with schools to provide the Children’s Program.  This presentation will teach one how to address the disease of addiction with children age 6-12. If you work with adults, it will you help you teach parents how to navigate this conversation with their kids. With an understating of addiction and a language to discuss it, families can begin to heal.


October 2, 2017  11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

Presentation:  Psychophysiology and Biofeedback

Laura Barnes, MS, NCC, CBC, LPC Intern,  from Cooke Children’s Hospital, is coming to discuss physiology and psychology and the uses of biofeedback in treatment. Laura has a Masters Degree in School Counseling, Clinical Mental Health Counseling, and Higher Education Counseling. She is  a National Certified Counselor, Licensed Professional School Counselor in the state of North Carolina, and also a Licensed Professional Counselor Intern in the state of Texas. Laura holds a Biofeedback Certification in Applied Physiology. This certification allows Laura to work with clients using a psychophysiological approach to counseling services. Laura is currently a Psychophysiologist at Cook Children’s Hospital in Fort Worth, Texas. She works with patients and families to identify strengths and weaknesses that assist with promoting healthy personal and familial goals using a psychophysiological approach. She also uses biofeedback and neurofeedback therapies to assist patients with self-regulation.


September 11, 2017  11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

Presentation:  Systemic Thinking in Couple and Family Therapy: An Introductory Approach to Treatment Planning

Diana Bigham, MA, LMFT-S, RPT-S is a family and relationship expert, speaker, media contributor, blogger, licensed marriage and family therapist supervisor and registered play therapist supervisor with over 9 years of experience.  In addition, Diana coordinates Redefine LLC, a collaborative group of talented independent private practitioners whose common passion is to help people pursue wholeness through strategic sessions.  Diana specializes in developing practical strategies with individuals to create a more fulfilling life through personal development and growth, as well as improving relationships through effective communication. For more information on Diana, go to her website at


August 7, 2017  11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

Presentation:   Identifying Eating Disorders Within the Substance Abuse Population

Stephanie Setliff, MD, CEDS-S, will present to us on working with eating disorders and substance abuse patients.  Dr. Setliff has specialized in the treatment of eating disorders for over 20 years, and currently serves as the Medical Director for Eating Recovery Center in Dallas.  Dr. Setliff received her medical degree from Creighton University and completed her adult psychiatry residency and her child and adolescent fellowship at UT Southwestern Medical Center. Dr. Setliff speaks frequently at various programs in an effort to increase awareness about the growing epidemic of eating disorders. She has been interviewed on many local and national news and media outlets, and has become a strong voice for eating disorder awareness in the North Texas community. Dr. Setliff is currently the Chairman of the Board of Directors of The Elisa Project in Dallas, Texas. She has served on the board and in other capacities for 15 years and was their 2012 Star of Hope recipient. In addition, she is on the board of Dallas Child and Family Guidance. She also serves on the Board of The Embody Love Movement. Her additional interests are in the areas of family systems, child advocacy and effective communication between children and adults.  For more about Stephanie Setliff, MD go to


July 3, 2017  11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

Presentation:   Ethics and Application of Your Professional Will

As mental health practitioners, having a professional will is part of our ethical obligations. We will discuss what is needed for a professional will and go over examples from various sources. By the end of the meeting, you will have a basic professional will that you can use to build upon and develop for your individual practice. The discussion will also include how to use your professional will for business development.   Facilitated by Tina Johnston, LPC and founder of KCA.  Tina is a Master Career Counselor, an Educational and Vocational Guidance Practitioner (EVGP) and a Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF).  She works privately at New Starts Counseling and Education Services, serves on numerous area committees and organizations, and works as a public speaker/trainer for events. To learn more about Tina, check out her website at


June 5, 2017  11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

Presentation:   Psychodynamics and Diversity in Working with Christian Counseling

Shannan Crawford, PsyD will present a Psychodynamic understanding of how projections and enactments create an early caregiver imprints. Dr. Crawford will discuss this in the context of working with clients that request Christian Counseling services,  and how she serves this population.  She examines how attachment style may inaccurately shape our image of God and how, such projections, may be activating unconscious enactments.  Dr. Crawford presents the research on helping Christian patients develop more healthy and accurate perceptions of God and learn how to engage from a secure attachment style in their faith relationship.   Dr. Crawford has a Doctorate of Clinical Psychology from Regents University and currently works as an adjunct professor, public speaker, and as a private counselor.  To learn more about Dr. Crawford and her practice, go to


May 1, 2017  11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

Presentation:   A look at the Diversity of EMDR as a Treatment Tool

Brian Simmons, MA, LPC, CH will present on the uses of EMDR in therapy.   Brian is a member of the International Association of Trauma Professionals and an EMDR provider with specialized training in Trauma/PTSD, Feeling State Addiction and Migraine/Headache protocols. He is also a certified Hypnotherapist with specialized training in chronic pain and cancer as well as an EFT provider. Brian currently works in a private practice in Southlake, and serves as the Director of Clinical Care for Valiant Hearts, a non-profit, that helps women who are escaping the sex industry or sex trafficking.  Brian has been a licensed peace officer in the State of Texas for 15 years.  His current project involves delivering trauma care to men, women, and children who have been trafficked by ISIS in Iraq and Syria.   For more information on Brian Simmons, feel free to check out his website at


April 3, 2017  11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

Presentation:  The Ethics of Avoiding Dual Role Relationships

Bring us your more complicated questions about managing Dual Role Relationships, and get the perspective of other professionals.  (Please protect any confidential information, of course). Lisa Elieson, LPC-S will lead a discussion on the ethics of preventing and managing Dual Role Relationships in our profession.  This tends to be an area that generates complaints for counselors, and we want to safely tread within the framework of our professions.  Lisa currently  works in private practice and also  supervises counseling internships. 
For information on Lisa Elieson, LPC, please go to  There will be plenty of time for discussion and interaction, so this is a great chance to get help on your sticky issue. 


March 6, 2017  11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

Presentation: Working With All the Letters of the LBGT Community

Melinda Porter, LPC will help us develop our skills when working with the LBGT community. Melinda has a Master Degree from Texas Wesleyan University and work in private practice in Southlake, Tx.  Her presentation will focus on LBGT clients and their families, what it means to be a part of this community and how we can navigate important conversations. As therapists, it is important that we understand the  terms and resources available to support our clients in the therapeutic process. Melinda is a Licensed Professional Counselor specializing in LBGT issues.  She will also be available to answer your questions.  For more information on Melinda, go to

Where: Bottle Cap Alley at 148 S Main St, Keller, TX 76248


February 6, 2017  11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

Presentation: The Benefits, Needs and Challenges of Connecting As Professionals

Tina Johnston, LPC will be presenting information for us on how to build our professional networks.   Tina is one of the few licensed Psychotherapists and Master Career Counselors in the country.  She is also a Educational and Vocational Guidance Practitioner (EVGP) and a Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF).  She works privately at New Starts Counseling and Education Services, serves on numerous area committees and organizations, and works as a public speaker/trainer for events. To learn more about Tina, check out her website at

Where: Bottle Cap Alley at 148 S Main St, Keller, TX 76248


January 9, 2017  11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

Presentation:  How Technology is Changing the Human Mind

Dr. Mark DeYoung will discuss How Technology is Changing the Human Mind. Mark is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, with a  PhD in Child Development.  He currently provides in home counseling services for families and relationships in the North Fort Worth area.  For more information on Dr. DeYoung, and his private practice go to

Where: Bottle Cap Alley at 148 S Main St, Keller, TX 76248


December 5, 2016 11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

Our Favorite Things Gift Exchange

What to Bring: Bring a wrapped therapy related gift to swap with another member. Gifts can be a book, game, toy, tool, etc, as long as it is therapy related. Inexpensive and/or used is preferred. Join us for a relaxing lunch, with some of our favorite people! :).

Where: Bottle Cap Alley at 148 S Main St, Keller, TX 76248


November 7, 2016 11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

TOPIC : Understanding and Treating Sexual Addiction

Gary T. Ongley LPC, LMSW, CSAT will present on the effects and treatment of sexual addiction.  Gary is a Certified Sexual Addiction Therapist, as well as a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Licensed Social Worker.  He has worked for over twenty five years with addictions and trauma in inpatient and outpatient settings. This included six years with Jerry Mungadze’s Dissociative Disorders Program. In 1998, Gary began working in private practice. His practice continues to include trauma and addictions with a particular focus on sexual addiction. This includes individual and group therapy as well as workshops and seminars. Gary also presents at churches, conferences, and workshops on a variety of topics including divorce recovery, managing crisis, and relationships. To learn more about Gary and his practice, go to

Where: Bottle Cap Alley at 148 S Main St, Keller, TX 76248